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Job Title : Public Works (Full-Time)
Job Description :

POSITION:  Maintenance Worker

City of Douglass


Position Summary:  Under the supervision of the City Superintendent, this employee performs duties for the City’s public works department, including water, sewer, streets and park maintenance and a variety of other duties, some seasonal, as they are needed. This position must be experienced in heavy equipment operation, including a backhoe, skid steer and dump truck. This position is non-exempt under FLSA.


Essential Functions:

  •          Assists in the performance of scheduled and emergency maintenance on water lines and sewer infrastructure.
  •          Performs a variety of tasks relating to the maintenance and upkeep of city streets
  •          Maintains city vehicles and equipment
  •          Performs monthly utility meter-reading duties
  •          Provides assistance to the animal control officer


Marginal functions:

  •          Performs snow removal as needed
  •          Provides framing, concrete, electrical, and plumbing services as needed
  •          Grades ditches
  •          Assists with opening, closing and maintenance of the City’s municipal pool


Experience:  One to three years of similar or related experience is required.  The employee must have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills to perform he job reasonably well within three (3) months of employment. 


Education:  A minimum of a high school diploma or GED is required for this position.  The employee must also obtain and maintain a commercial drivers’ license.


Technical skills:  The employee in this position must be able to safely and effectively operate backhoes, skid steers and dump trucks.  Additionally, the employee must possess and demonstrate through daily duties mechanical aptitude, a knowledge of mathematics, welding skills, and the ability to recognize and troubleshoot electrical systems on city wells and lift stations.


Problem solving:  Problem solving in this position relates primarily to those that are encountered in the daily operations of the position such as locating a line leak, repairing the leak, maintaining city wells and lift stations.


Decision Making:  Decision making for this position is primarily limited to those decisions that need to be made during the course of the employee’s work and that effect the efficient and safe completion of those tasks.


Supervision:  This employee does not have supervisory responsibility over other employees and receives direct supervision from the City Superintendent and Water/Wastewater Superintendent.


Financial accountability:  The Maintenance Worker is responsible for city resources and equipment.  The position does not have the authority to make purchases without prior approval, is not primarily responsible for revenue generation or expenditure control, and does not participate in the annual budget process.


Personal Relations:  The Maintenance Worker interacts daily with other employees and members of the public.  They also interact daily with other supervisors.


Working conditions:  Most of this employee’s time is spent outdoors.  During this time, the employee is exposed to adverse working conditions including exposure to human blood/fluids, hazardous chemicals, working in confined areas, extreme heat/cold, heights and excessive noise.  The employee is expected to efficiently and safely use small machinery and large equipment.


Physical Requirements:  Manual labor, including lifting objects weighing up to 100 pounds, following prescribed city safety procedures, pushing, pulling, standing for extended periods of time, crouching, extensive walking, are frequently experienced with this position.



These statements represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job and are not intended to be all inclusive.



Salary :
Contact Info : Mike Powell (316) 747-2012